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Warney The Great

Now that his retirement is official, to recognise Shane Warne's great feats we here at The Match Referee feel compelled to honour him in an appropriate and symbolic manner. We could think of nothing better than to devote valuable screen real estate to this amazing cricketer.

Hence, in honour of the champion and to thank him for all the great memories and entertainment he has provided on a platter over the years, we have plastered his the great man's face all over the header of our website.

Please feel free to stop for a second, stare at his photo on our header and contemplate just how sorely he will be missed on the cricket field. After the New Years Day Test, we will not be able to stare in disbelief at his superlative array of skills.

This portrait will remain on our website until the end of the said Test match.


X Factor said...

Warney was a not only a mighty cricketer but also a mighty Victorian. He will be sorely missed by all cricket fans all over the world. The way he played the game was just outstanding. He had a tactical mind second to none and was able to respect the great players of his time.

The way he handled himself today at his press conference was amazing. There wasnt any tears or anything of that sort, rather we saw a man who was composed and confident about what he was doing, which sort of typifies Warnes career.

There is no better thing than to be in Bay 13 at the MCG and watch this mighty Victorian bowl and then hear the chant go up "we love you beause your a Victorian", spine tingling stuff that.

The game will sorely miss this legend

Ayush Trivedi said...

Bay 13 is indeed a the place to be when Warney's bowling.

Bill Lawry would be mighty proud of a loyal Victorian like you, X.

Anonymous said...

Shane Warne has been unquestionably the greatest baller in Cricketting history, perhaps the greatest Cricketer, may be at par with Don. He has achieved this without having the physical advantage which some other spinners (Murali, Chandrashekhar) have.XYZ

ugyen said...

A rare gift for all the cricket fan and the Cricket Games itself!! None can match the feat of warnie... The Greatest Bowler of All time!!! The whole world will miss him!!! A great Tribute for a Great Cricketer..."thank you mate"

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