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Sreesanth's Dancing Antics Video

We have received so many emails asking us to post a video of Sreesanth's gyrations after he smashed Andre Nel out of the park during the first Test. True to form we have not disappointed our loyal readers. Behold the visual stimulation of Sreesanth's hips:

And while we're on topic of Sreesanth video's this one cracked me up to no end:

He's either pitching for a role in Bollywood or he's been watching too many booty poppin' rap videos. Either way, lets hope this character is here to stay.


Unknown said...

this was great - good for sreesanth -

nell thinks too much of himself for a 2nd change bowler

Ayush Trivedi said...

Indeed. We need more characters like him in the team. People who give as good as they get.

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