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Sourav Ganguly Would Be Proud

Never in my wildest imagination did I think that a simple post criticising Dilip Vengsarkar and his fellow fools selectors would draw such a heated response.

Some of you may know that we also post some of our articles to Desicritics. I wrote this article about the recent overhaul of the Indian cricket team and also posted it on Desicritics. The passionate, bordering on abusive, responses from Sourav Ganguly fans proved to be quite an insight (and an equally hilarious one) into the minds of the average Indian cricket fan.

Sample some of these, err, heated responses to my published thoughts:
"It seems that this author understands nothing, like a cart puller is giving lecture on what apparatuses India should use on Chandrayan. Why not a 'Kadai', it will help to collect rain water in Moon atmosphere !!!"

"this author has gone crazy.. he needs to go and get his basic understanding of cricket rectified.."

And this after Ganguly scored the 83 in the warm-up match:



I must say that this was the best of the lot:
"What Mr. Enigma, Ganguly's 83 was a solid slap in the face of you and your likes. You must be a pathetic looser who loves to lick Greg Chappell and Kiran More."

I'm not sure if Ganguly would be proud or disgusted at the ferocity with which his backers respond to a suggestion that he should not be in the team.

Regular readers of this space would understand my love for Ganguly's talent, in his prime. However, even after his innings of 83, I do not believe that he is the right choice for the Indian middle order in South Africa. This opinion has nothing to do with being anti-Ganguly, because I'm definitely not. It has all to do with his performances on the international stage over the past 2-3 seasons and his marked decline in form and gumption when the going gets tough.

I am the first one to hope and pray that Team India and Sourav Ganguly succeed in the Test series. Why wouldn't I want to see those silken drives piercing seven fielders through the off-side? Especially now that he is likely to be in the XI for the first Test, I hope against all hope that Ganguly does his nation proud - just like he used to.

Until then, I will resign myself to dreaming about what it would be like to "lick Greg Chappell and Kiran More." After all, that is what "pathetic losers" do, right?


Anonymous said...

Enigma, you are truely enigmatic. These people whose comments you have quoted, probably have not perused your writings from the very beginning. I have been doing so, and I have no compunction in stating that you thoughts have always been impartial and unbiased.Your writings have been clearly reflecting your anguish and pain over the state of affairs of BCCI. The comment of Omar(from Pakistan) in the other blog clearly reflects your impartiality. Keep up your good work. I would like to see if these critics of yours, would like to substantiate their disgust with facts and figures. Saurav was a great Cricketer in his prime, but I am still of the opinion that his place should have gone to some newer talent if BCCI has one.XYZ

Ayush Trivedi said...

Thank you for your kind and generous thoughts. It is indeed a shame that character assassinations are performed without any semblance of fact or logic.

Like you, and even after his good showing in the first Test, I would have preferred Ganguly's place to have gone to a younger player.

Anonymous said...

but controversies and differences in opinion are what make the game all the more interesting. ofcourse this does not warrant the use of the comments feature for abuse. The licking one though was more hilarious than abusive....

Ayush Trivedi said...

@ Ananth: Very true. The licking one was the best, thats why it got it's own special mention. I think some people voice their own fantasies via their venting. :>

Anonymous said...

What do you guys have to say about Ganguly now?

Still needs to be replaced by someone young?

India does not need him?

His "Man of the Series" award against Srilanka is not worth it?

His performance is South Africa and against the West Indies is not worth a mention?

Doesnt sound good to be slapped right across the face this way eh?

Ayush Trivedi said...

I wouldn't consider it so much a slap across the face for us, as an extremely timely return to form of a key player for Team India.

I'm glad to note that you are so passionate about the success of the whole team, as opposed to a single individual. Keep up the good work and read my apology to Ganguly, before you talk about slaps and such unnecessary actions.

Thanks for commenting and we hope to see you back here in future.

Anonymous said...

it shows...mr. enigma ...your breeding..your blood...you are a chameleon...people like you could chop ganguly's head before one could say jack robinson and similarly you would join the forces backing ganguly if you find forces against him are loosing their pants. you are a hypocrite whose only befitting job is to give pleasure to chappel and more and let dravid in the wrong way.

Ayush Trivedi said...

^^ I thank you for your rather studies response to my writings. My parents would vehemently argue against any insinuation that my breeding or my blood are anything other human. However, you are entitled to your opinion.

Just as an aside, I was brought up to believe and practice the old adage that giving is better than receiving. Maybe that is why I like "pleasuring" people so much??? Do tell, because I'm intrigued and would love you to tell me more about myself.

Ayush Trivedi said...

PS. If you're going to abuse somebody, at the very least, have the balls to put your name to it.

Varun G said...

I am a great fan of Saurav Ganguly and really missing him a lot. I got the feeling like I lost someone very special from my family. Best of luck for his 2ns innings life.

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