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Come One, Come All To The New TMR

It has been a few days since this page has been updated with our self-proclaimed "unadulterated and insightful" content, for this I offer you all a sincere apology.

Due to a number of reasons that venture beyond our migration to the Blogger Beta platform, we have been unable to offer update this blog as frequently as we, and no doubt you, would prefer.

This is not a place where we bore you with the exciting happenings of our day-to-day lives, so I will spare you the pain. However, we have been busy ensuring that all pages and bits of code are functioning as intended subsequent to our migration to the Beta platform.

We have noticed that many of you like to navigate our blog using the Delicious tags that are found at the bottom of every page. Subsequent to our shift to beta, we are still looking for a solution that enables us to append each post with relevant Delicious tags. Although the tags may not show at the end of each post, the article will still be appropriately tagged with Delicious. We urge those that have not experienced the power of tags, to give them a go via the tags section on the right sidebar.

Another popular source of clicks are the listings of selected articles, also on the right sidebar. They have proved extremely popular since we introduced them. We would appreciate feedback on what other content you would like to see linked on the right sidebar.

Looking forward, we will be introducing syndication feeds for comments. We want to continue our interaction with you by enabling you to be informed of new comments that are posted and/or replies to comments that you may have left.

Any feedback, on any topic, is always welcomed - either in comments or via email. Hit us up when you have time. Posting will be a lot more regular, up until new year's day at the very least. :>


Tim said...

Good to see you back. I too have recently made the switch, though as my blog is younger it didn't prove as difficult.

My nlog, incidentally is http://www.third-umpire.blogspot.com/ - would you like to exchange links?

Ayush Trivedi said...

Thanks for that Tim. Hope you enjoy your time in the blogosphere. We've loved it so far and hope to be around for some time yet. :>

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