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Yuvraj Singh To Miss World Cup

So the headlines screamed and caused 500 million hearts of Indian origin to skip a beat. In another sign that there is not enough news going around to satisfy the thousands of media outlets yearning for the next big story, some git shot of a phone call to former Team India physiotherapist, Andrew Leipus.

Without any first-hand knowledge of the exact extent of Yuvraj's knee injury, Leipus was asked to present his diagnosis, which was printed/read/published verbatim - without a disclaimer in sight acknowledging that Leipus was half the world away in Australia. The NDTV website, along with a myriad others reported:

"That's a ruptured ligament in the knee. It's a very important ligament and would generally be reconstructed. Hasn't been done yet because he requires a period of time to heal some of the bruising that's there in the knee as well.

"But that's going to take him five-six months to fully rehabilitate and start playing again," said Andrew Leipus, former physio, Indian Cricket Team.

What does this prove? Only that Andrew Leipus is an educated man and has read all the textbooks prescribed for his physiotherapy course. The various outlets saw no sense in asking a few random questions of the man who is actually treating Yuvraj, Dr Anant Joshi. They even saw less sense in contacting the injured subject, before publishing their sensationalist headline.

Only after the storm in a tea-cup had been brewed, did we hear that Yuvraj was not worried (neither was the BCCI for that matter) and he will be examined by Dr Joshi in the near future.

So all ye loyal subjects who suffered a minor bout of angina after reading the said headlines, fear not. Yuvraj Singh may be temporarily down, but he may yet set the 2007 World Cup on fire (not the type of fire Mark Vermeulen set, hopefully).

PS. How proud the BCCI must be of current Indian physio John Gloster for refusing to comment until, "the board makes an official statement on it after reassessing his fitness." Lalit Modi would be so very proud, if only the players showed as much discipline. Idiot.

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Anonymous said...

Yuvraj himself said on TV day before yesterday that the world cup was too far away to comment- Kho kho ne yuvraj ko kho diya .

Ayush Trivedi said...

I seriously think that this is one industry where a little more regulation would not go astray.

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