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Shane Warne's Chin

Having a quick flick through Cricinfo's image gallery today, I happened upon this rather candid close-up of Shane Warne's chin. When it comes to cricket's battle with the bulge there are 4 players who immediately spring to mind - Mike Gatting, Arjuna Ranatunga, Mark Cosgrove and Shane Warne.

The fact that all were, have been or will be reasonably successful at the sport should tell the uninitiated that one does not have to be of the finest athletic stock to excel at our fine game.

Having closely analysed that photo, it got me thinking that maybe Mrs Warne (Shane's mom that is) might have been onto something when she gave him that pill. The ill-fated boot camp that Shane was overtly reticent to attend obviously has not helped. In the frail state that cricket currently finds itself in, in particular relation to that clown Shoaib, I would not dare suggest a repeat dose of Mrs Warne's medication for her dear son. Because, he's dear to her as well as us.

However, a little exercise wouldn't go astray, Shane? Maybe?

PS. He'll still clean up the Poms with a 40 wicket haul in The Ashes, whether he has 3 chins or 6. That's why we love him, right?

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Anonymous said...

The list of players with the bulge is a bit longer-D.Boon, D. Hirwani and E. Prasanna. There might be many more. As you have said, its not the bulge which is important but its the skill which is more important.

Ayush Trivedi said...

Indeed. Warne has plenty of that in abundance.

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