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Pakistan Captaincy Farce Continues

What a difference a day can make. Shaharyar Khan has resigned from the Chairmanship of the Pakistan Cricket Board, three months out from his official retirement date. Apparently, the Younis Khan captaincy saga was more painful for him than even the forfeited test at The Oval.

It appears that Pakistan President Pervez Musharaf had a big role in Khan's resignation. He has also hand-picked Khan's replacement, Dr Naseem Ashraf. The not-so-quiet word when Ashraf commenced his duties was that further upheaval was imminent.

True to Pakistani form, Dr Ashraf has demoted Mohammad Yousuf, who was Younis Khan's initial replacement, back to the vice-captain's post and Younis Khan is back at the helm of the team. That makes four different captaincy appointments in the last week, without any of the men managing to lose a match during this time. How many times has this happened previously? I suppose, we can always count on Pakistan to set the pace when it comes to such records.

Dr Ashraf hasn't finished yet. He has fired assistant-coach Mustaq Ahmed and has promised more heads will roll over the next "45 days" in a bid to streamline the PCB. I suppose you'd feel free to do anything to anyone if you've got the backing of President Mushy himself.

Maybe the PCB could have saved itself these blushes had it decided to appeal Inzamam's four match ban. Inzamam the Great, did I hear somewhere?

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