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Nike Indian Shirt In Stores Now

It took 10 months, but it the moment has finally arrived. Nike has launched new products into retail stores based on its apparel sponsorship deal with the Indian cricket team.

Of course, this launch hasn't been without controversy, but what more could be expected when we have mega bucks and the BCCI involved in the same equation.

No promotional images, as yet, of the new Nike catalogue, but we the esteemed Lalit Modi has confirmed that all "BCCI branded replicas" of what Team India wears will be on sale in the stores. However, there is no news yet of when and how this apparel will be available to the international market. If anyone does manage to get their hands on a new Nike Team India One Day Cricket Shirt, send us one - we'll give you a shout out here.

Just as an aside, I would have thought that the shirts would have been Nike branded, rather than BCCI branded. But then again, how would I know?

Update: Click here to purchase an authentic Nike Team India ODI cricket shirt.

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