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Oh, He's Back Alright - Challenger Trophy Update 2

Thats right folks, you better believe it. Sachin Tendulkar is back with a bang, 139 off exactly 100 torturous balls - torturous for the opposition bowlers that is. The rest of the team didn't do that badly either. Rahul Dravid got a few on the board, to get some touch back after his failures in the recently concluded DLF Cup. Dhoni blasted his way to another half century at much better than a-run-a-ball. Yuvraj too, got some time in the middle with a well compiled half century.

For the Greens, Ganguly played a few trademark drives before falling, trying to force the pace. Parthiv Patel apparently showed a lot of composure but could not convert a good start. Nothing much else can be said for the others, except that 8 wickets fell for a grand total of 61 runs and none of the bowlers did anything that great either. Oh, by the way Blue won by some 200+ runs.

Ganguly gets another shot at forcing the selectors to re-think his exclusion from the national team. I personally don't think that he will be back in the team based on his performance in a single match. I also don't think he will be back at all. But then again, when did my comments ever matter.


16 year old Tanmay Srivastava played in place of Sehwag who was out injured. Apparently, the ankle sprain will have healed by the time The Champions Trophy comes around, but not before the final of the Challenger Trophy. Srivastava should get another chance to redeem himself after falling cheaply to a Balaji bouncer.


Update: The Green v Red match is currently underway. Green's piled up a huge 317 thanks to top efforts from Uthappa, Gambhir and Dinesh Kartik. In reply, Ganguly is already out cheaply - bowled after fending feebly to a Sreesanth snorter. Well, there go any hopes he may still have harboured of a recall.

This kid Uthappa on the other hand has serious talent and needs to be given more opportunities. Especially, since Sehwag is in the doldrums. Think about it Dilip.


Anonymous said...

Dear Enigma,
I commend you for your excellent writings in your blog. I have been following them for a while.
Can I just add here that Tendular's batting becomes tortuous when he faces our Aussie ballers. Where does his brillance go then?

Ayush Trivedi said...


Thank you for your kind comments. I hope my writing continues to bring you much joy in the future.

There is no denying that Tendulkar's form has been very patchy of late. We must also understand that the man has been playing with numerous injuries throughout the past 2-3 years. At present, for the first time in the said period, is he playing with the freedom, style and pure and utter disdain for bowlers that characterised his batting during what would ordinarily be considered the best years of his career to date.

I, and most probably like you too, await with bated breath the next test series between these two teams. No matter where it is played, its gonna be a corker.

Ed Attanasio said...

Love your site. I don't know much about cricket being from the US of A, but I want to learn more.

Ayush Trivedi said...

Thanks a lot for your kind thoughts Ed. You raise an interesting point. How about you email us some questions you have about the game and we'll answer them for you in a separate post.

There are many people from the USA and other countries who would like to learn more about the game and your questions will be, no doubt, similar to theirs.

So email us and we'll hit you up with a post in your honour.

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