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Its The Rupee Talking Again

If you thought the phenomenon of former (or current in Sania Mirza's case) sportspeople opening academies was limited to those from the Indian sub-continent, think again. The erstwhile Mr Darren Lehman has decided to open a cricket academy at the Adelaide Oval.

The story makes no mention of whether this is a private venture solely undertaken by Lehman or whether this is in partnership with other Adelaide-based cricketing stars. However, we do learn that an impressive list of former and current players will be "supporting" (read: coaching) the academy.

Apparently, Lehman also plans to associate himself with the MRF Pace Foundation in India and has already partnered with the South Australian Ministry of Education and Tourism to promote the venture overseas, specifically India. It seems the academy will be providing three week packages that will involve two weeks coaching an additional, optional week of travel.

Its quite obvious that Lehman has hired some half-intelligent marketing types to promote this venture. The first place you advertise a new cricket academy is in India. After all, the Poms aren't going to spend their haughty Pounds to learn cricket in Australia.

It is not the first ex-player started cricket academy in Australia. However, I am yet to hear of an up and coming young Aussie kid who has opted to attend any of these private academies, over Cricket Australia's own establishment. The jury is still out on this one.

As an aside, I wonder if Lehman will be marketing his new business in Sri Lanka? They might get a free crash-course on racial vilification and sledging.

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Apun Ka Desh said...

As per a newsreport Sania Mirza has been asking for land to be given to her by AP govt. for opening a Tennis Academy!

Why would Sania Mirza want to open an academy - at pretty much early part of her career ?

Ayush Trivedi said...

IMHO, they call it "making hay while the sun shines".

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