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Match Fixing All Over Again

In what seems like an utter waste of time, the Delhi Police are taking their match fixing inquiry to foreign shores. It is, as yet, unclear what has prompted this request for information from Scotland Yard. However, a fool could hazard a guess at a possible connection between this move and the inquisition of Herschelle Gibbs a week or two ago.

Frankly, this is a waste of taxpayer funds. It is going to be nothing more than a fully paid junket for senior police officials on a quest for a truth that will never be forthcoming. The English are going to bristle at the suggestion that there was any match-fixing during the 1999 World Cup, which they hosted.

The English authorities have already issued the following statement, in their typical stiff British accents: I mean seriously, match-fixing in England? There is no such thing in our great land? The Delhi Police should impale themselves on the royal flagpole for even suggesting such an absurd and far-fetched theory. Lords is the home of the gentleman's game and match-fixing has never entered this great game, not in our country at least. Oh, by the way, these good brown men must know of our very own Lord Condon who rules the cricketing world with an iron fist that would have made Margaret Thatcher proud. Nobody would dare attempt to fix a match whilst he is on the scene. You lot should pack your cases and head on home before you are privy to a right royal flogging, just like the good old days.

We really should leave Bangladesh and Zimbabwe alone too. Poor chaps hardly seem to win a match. Why begrudge them soul-saving victories that didn't really mean anything in the big scheme of things?

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Unknown said...

Good ol' Indians- they'd never hesitate to worry about sports in their country and beyond but other issues would take a backseat... gotta love them!

Ayush Trivedi said...

Probably because this issue, except the recent murmurs about the dropping of Azharuddin's ban, has been best dealt with in India.

Read my take on Herschelle Gibbs to see what I mean: http://thematchreferee.blogspot.com/2006/10/herschelle-gibbs-youre-disgrace.html

Ayush Trivedi said...

Sorry that that link to the article on Herschelle Gibbs is here

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