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Chris Gayle - More Trouble Brewing

Its rare that current players' opinion pieces appear on Cricinfo. However, they have managed to rope in Chris Gayle for one such article. Maybe he requested an outlet to vent, for vent he he did. Sample this, with regard to that "banter" with Michael Clarke:
"Generally speaking I think that any system which penalizes someone for reacting to a situation but does not reprimand the instigator of that situation needs some sort of review."
I dare predict that Gayle may yet find himself in a lot more trouble. He has already been fined for his involvement in the debate. These comments might see him land in hotter water. The ICC does not usually tolerate any criticism of itself, it's processes or it's people. After showing it's ineptitude by only punishing Gayle without even asking a few questions of Clarke, the ICC is unlikely to go easy on him now.

Insofar as Gayle's assertion that he was not the instigator, rather reacted to the situation. I must say that his inexperience in sledging was quite apparent during the confrontation. Watching the TV you could hardly make out that Clarke was saying a word. Undoubtedly, this owes to the fact that Clarke would have some superb training in the art of stealth sledging from the likes of Matthew Hayden, Ricky Ponting and the King - Shane Warne.

Time to pick up your game, Chris.

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