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Herschelle Gibbs You're A Disgrace

And so is Cricket South Africa. How could a man who admitted to accepting money to under-perform whilst representing his country, still be playing for the same country with his head held high?

All this hoo-ha over his arrival in India for the Champions Trophy is a blight on South African cricket and the game in general. The fact that Herschelle Gibbs admitted to match faxing and was still allowed to play is a pure and utter disgrace.

Some would argue that he has served his punishment and life must go on. I ask, what punishment? Six months and a measly fine for betraying your country. For betraying the hundreds of thousands of people who pay their hard earned money to watch the South African teams in stadiums and on their TV sets. Give me a break here. The guy should have been banned for life. South African fans deserve better than him. Cricket fans in general deserve better than him.

India and Pakistan may be highly corrupt countries, but the respective Boards still had the gumption to ban for life or effectively cut short the careers of the prime accused in their teams. Mohammad Azharuddin, Ajay Jadeja, Saleem Malik, Nikhil Chopra, just to name a few got what they deserved and never played for their country again.

The sole reason Gibbs got off was because the powers that be, within Cricket South Africa, did not want to lose his talent. It was a cowardly and selfish route to take and was always going to culminate in a situation where the past was never really left in the past.

I hope the Indian Police do drag him to Delhi, rather than flying down to Mumbai to question him. I hope they grill him mercilessly and expose him for what he is - a traitor and a deceitful man who should not be muddying the reputation of fellow players, of much higher moral ilk than he, by playing alongside them.

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Anonymous said...

Why only Gibbs. Have you noticed players like Jadeja and others who were found guilty, on the TV, spouting their opinions and in forums, pretending to be national heroes.
National character and sense to evaluate objectively, would be displayed by banning similar people not only from the sphere of cricket, but from all walks of life.
I refer to Shayan Munshi, who commited perjury in Jessica Lals case and is still accepted by the youth in movies and serials as a Hero.
A great country displays a value system and abides by it. We unfortunately have a hero system, where glamour and brash displays of wealth win the day.

Anonymous said...

Considering the kind of adulation the criketers receive and the money thay they earn, very harsh punishment should be given so that nobody ever dares to do it again.

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