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Champions Trophy Preview - In Pictures

We know you will read countless previews and analyses of teams and matches for the Champions Trophy. So we decided to take a different tack altogether and show you what the players are really doing. Well, sort of anyway. Don't worry, our verbose rants will resume shortly. Until then, take a look and tell us if you like (pictures courtesy Cricinfo):

<-- You reckon it's hot in India right now? Just ask Brett Lee, Kevin Pietersen or Twanda Mupariwa:

--> What the hell was Brian Lara thinking when he rocked up to a press conference with that contraption covering his eyes? This may not be the Brownlow Medal Red Carpet, but that certainly would've taken out the Bjork Award, in the cricketing version of the ceremony.

<-- Rahul Dravid shows of his muscle. Err.. ok maybe not. Rahul I think you're a great batsman, not quite a model. Please cover up next time. Please.

--> The Poms know they aren't going to win anything, or even come close for that matter. So they decided a bit of land-based synchronised swimming practice was in order. Just missing the foundation and the glitter there boys. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll get the hang of it.

<-- Rahul Dravid eat yo heart out. Mitchell Johnson, Andrew Symonds and Shane Watson do the Half Monty. Who says cricketer's can't do those nude calendar shoots just like them Rugby League blokes, not that I'd be buying one, but hey I know plenty of gentlewomen that will. So ladies, this one's for you.

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Anonymous said...

i have seen dravid on the beach playing cricket in a black swiming suit , he dosen't need to eat his heart out.

he dosent have overt muscles because he knows he dosen't need them.

he has stamina and staying power.

he has built enough so that he has stamina and staying power with flexiblity.

he dose know waht is really important. good for us indains.

i was talking cricket if you thought any other thing.

ofcourse i am very happy that he is not half bad looking . he is as sexy playing on the beach as when sweat is pouring out of his helmat on many of his long innings which ultimalty lead to an indian victory , what more could a cricket lover want.

Anonymous said...

Dear Enigma,
I have been surprised not to read anything about Azhar being honoured by BCCI at your blog. You wrote so much about Gibbs. You are truely an enigma.

Ayush Trivedi said...

I'm not sure if I can agree with you about the classification of Dravid as the finest human specimen ever to set foot on God's good Earth, loved the description though - obviously you have studies every bead of sweat with much detail.

It would be good to find out exactly who you are, because I have a hunch that you know my true feelings on MA. I have only just been made aware of the event you are referring to, have no doubt, there will be a tirade on that topic appearing very shortly.

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