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Enigma, You Are An Engima

Enigma, you seem to be very fond of your mum and what she says does have a lot of truth in it, but unfortunately speaking your thoughts isn't always the best thing to do especially when a spot in the Australian Cricket team is on the line.

Yes Symonds and Clarke are both very good players and would probably walk into any other cricket team in the world. But did they take their chances when it was given to them? In 10 tests, Symonds has a batting average of 19.06 and bowling average of 45.44 with a bowling strike rate of 99 balls per wicket, well below test standards. Clarke, an outright batsman is only marginally better, a batting average of 36.22, well below what you would expect from an out and out number 6 batsman. Now if you call this taking the chances then maybe you should stop writing about cricket. Watson hasn't been given an extended run in the team and in my opinion he shouldn't be judged until he is given that run.

Yes Symonds and Clarke do get out their in the media and speak their minds on issues in the cricketing world, but these two guys are or have been established players in the Australian team unlike Watson. When someone starts a new job, they try their best to impress their boss so that maybe they can try and go further in their career. They don't go out and sulk to people over some decisions that don't go their way. As you would know this would be disastrous to their job prospects. Now this senario is no different to the situation Watson is in today. Your comments which imply that he is media shy is not only foolish but also down right ridiculous especially coming from a man of your knowledge. I'm sure your mum also taught you that, keeping your bosses happy is also a good way of progressing in your career.

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