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Calm Down Sunny-Jim

X, I never knew you were such a passionate supporter of the blonde-haired non-wonder from the famous state, way down under.

Admittedly Swatson’s Test career has been rather short thus far. However, a batting average of 20.25 and a bowling average of 61.5 with a wicket every 93 balls (for a third seamer/strike bowler), don’t make for pretty reading. In fact, they are worse than the other two candidates. Maybe that is why he seems like a worrier (see image below, courtesy of Cricinfo). I need not remind you that Clarke scored a scintillating century on debut and took a 6-fer on that marvellous surface at the Wankhede.

The point is, based on the skill and application that the three players have exhibited to this point in their Test careers, Clarke or Symonds seem far better choices than Swatson. If I were either of them, I would feel deeply aggrieved at missing out to Swatson.

I have never claimed that either Clarke or Symonds have taken their chances. They have not found a permanent place in the team for precisely this reason. Nor am I implying that they should they be selected for being more media-savvy. I was, however, eluding to the fact that Swatson’s performances, hence, statistics may improve if he relaxes a little and enjoys his cricket some more. In time, you will find that this is the best method of progressing your life and career.

You are right in saying that he should not be judged until he has been given a fair chance. I believe Clarke and Symonds deserve that chance ahead of him, at this stage. Although, I do get the feeling that we will have to agree to disagree on this topic.

PS. My Mom is a lovely woman. However, you should be extremely careful since she is also your Mom and she happens to be a regular visitor to this blog.


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