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Egg On Their Faces

And lots of it too. Why on God's dear Earth did the ICC think it had to create an absurd reason as to why Darryl Hair would not be umpiring in the Champions Trophy? This is one big mess that the ICC is going to need a lot of help in cleaning up.

The BCCI, having realised the negative repercussions that could result from the ICC's announcement that it could not guarantee Darryl Hair's security for the Champions Trophy, has categorically denied that there were any security fears/issues pertaining to Hair's presence in the tournament. Furthermore, supporting what I had opined in my previous post on this farce, the Indian Board official further clarified that the BCCI's request that Hair not officiate in the upcoming tournament was a direct result of the controversy surrounding his foolish actions during The Oval test match.

The BCCI is not, by any stretch of the imagination, the most efficient, effective or thoughtful administrative body in cricket. Its decisions are often quite illogical, sometimes bordering on downright inexplicable. However, in recent history it has always been comprised of proud and extremely egotistical gentlemen who do not think twice about biting back if they believe their abilities or reputations have been challenged, fairly or unfairly. The BCCI and the Government of India pride themselves on their ability to guarantee the security of all visiting dignitaries/sportspersons.

The ICC's decision to potentially jeopardise the BCCI's reputation, in trying to protect an errant and universally disliked umpire (some infamous Hair antics listed in this article), was akin to stepping out into a swarm of killer bees when your Mom had warned you against it.

We have only witnessed the first sting. If the ICC does not perform an immediate about-turn by issuing a clarification regarding the real reason for Hair's omission from the Champions Trophy, I expect many more such stings.

Don't get me wrong, the ICC is never going to tell you what everyone already knows. They will merely conjure up another feeble excuse to shoot themselves in the foot - yet again. What for, you ask? For an umpire who has connived to shatter his own integrity and whatever little was remaining of his tattered reputation.

This latest page in the ball tampering farce certainly increases the stakes as far as the looming showdown between the BCCI and the ICC over ambush marketing clauses in the new MPA is concerned. I have little doubt that we will not be waiting too long before the ICC treats us to yet another self-emasculation.

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Salil said...

Stupid. Utter rot, as I ranted myself a couple of days ago.

The ICC and Hair are showing no perspective or idea of the 'big picture' here, and all of this hopefully will come around and hit them hard.

Ayush Trivedi said...

Undoubtedly. They've also picked the wrong people to mess with in the BCCI.

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