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The Bad Egg

"Sourav Last Stand" on IBN, read the transcript or watch the video of his sob-story/interview (link thanks to Jagadish).

I was a huge Sourav Ganguly fan.. correction, I still am a Ganguly fan. The man was exactly the antitode Indian cricket needed for its on-field troubles, when he took over. I don't have to wax lyrical about his batsmanship at its height.

He never lost his talent, he merely lost the confidence to apply and display it in the manner that had entertained us for a decade. It is patently clear that that he has tried and tried and tried some more to recover his touch in County, Ranji, Duleep and any other competition he could play in.

Ganguly might be the bad egg from Chappel's bunch, but for mine, he will always be a legend. I hope and pray that his minders stop him from being interviewed on the re-selection topic. His antics are akin to Kapil Dev crying about spilt breast milk during the height of the match fixing saga. He should not have to demean himself in such a vile manner.

Sourav, you have earned your place amongst the cricketing greats. You have done more to fuel the love and passion for cricket in your beloved country than most others for decades before you. Its time you gave your bat to a museum and let history take its course. You are a true legend, in your own right. You will be remembered fondly. Most importantly, you will be remembered with your dignity and honour intact.

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Anonymous said...

I agree. Sourav had his days. It's time to move on and adopt a different role and encorage younger talent to flourish.

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