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Welcome/Namaste/Kia Ora

G'day and welcome to The Match Referee,

Brace yourself for a deluge of unadulterated opinion, balls and all. Have a passion for cricket, football, AFL and maybe a little bit more - then you have come to the right place.

Our posts may not always be entirely supported by solid evidence, politically correct or profess commonly held takes on life. Take it as food for thought and let rip with your own thoughts. Comments and suggestions, in general, will be welcomed and responded to.

Your hosts for the evening:

Ayush - well versed in the art of sledging. Born in India, bred in New Zealand and currently plying his trade in Australia, he feels that he is able to offer a diversified and balanced perspective on issues that take his fancy. His detractors beg to differ and feel the word "balanced" has never entered his vocabulary. Ayush firmly believes the word "tact" remains the biggest waste of space in a dictionary. Ayush's first-hand experience with the bright lights and glamour of junior representative sports enable him to proffer insights that will not be found on the back pages of your daily newspaper.

X Factor - offering highly analytical views on a wide array of sporting issues, the X has very intimate knowledge of Cricinfo's StatsGuru. X's halcyon days as a junior sporting stars have left him with a collection of scars of which a failed wrist-slitter would be proud. Under-performing run for cover when this literary giant unleashes his keyboard.

Ankit - with the mind of technical genius, this man offers water-tight analysis from the land of the long white cloud. While still in line for a New Zealand cap (injuries, you see) Ankit is Peter Roebuck and Iain O'Brien in one. Watch out for his vicious vicious leg cutters from left-arm over.

Sri - the literary genius with the highest pedigree in the stable. Having cut his journalistic teeth sparring across the table from the likes Anthony "THE MAN" Mundien, Sri is primed to give The Match Referee readers a no-holds-barred account of the hottest properties in sport. Don't take this kid lightly, he's just as likely to knock you out in a rap battle as he is to melt you with his prose.

If you read or stumble across anything interesting or worth noting, do not hesitate to send us a link and we'll try and give you our take on the issue.

Enough of the formalities, enjoy your stay, keeping coming back and contribute.

The Match Referee team

1 comment

animesh said...

debut of the duo

Hi all,

I always used to suppose that the two brothers ( Enigma & X-factor) are diehard sports-fans and avid sports-men. But now I consider ..
However the comment should be on the contents of the posts, but my first packet of comments is for the appreciation of this effort.

The two contributors have left on us, to decipher their pseudo names.
I'll say that- " Enigma is always enigmatic " and " X-factor has choosen a suitable name for him ".

keep blogging


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