Thursday, September 28, 2006

Brownlow Medal Red Carpet Pics - By Popular Demand

You've been craving them, so you 've got 'em. X and I have received numerous emails over the last few days exhorting us to post pictures or links of the red carpet arrivals for the Brownlow Medal on Monday night.

I couldn't simply post a link for y'all to go visit without proffering some analysis, could I now? So here goes (all photos and a whole lot more courtesy of the Fox Sports Website):

<-- Best Dressed Male
is an absolute no contest and is duly awarded to Shane Crawford. How could you go past the dashing suit perfectly complimented with the white Zu's.

--> Best Dressed Female (Overall), quite obviously, was the most difficult choice. Since I had to make a decision, I settled on the stylish, breezy and demure look of Luke Ball's "partner", Amy Pollard:

<-- The Best Dressed Female (Wife) Award, was another difficult choice, with many contenders. Once again, since I had to settle on one, and only one, this gong is awarded to former Brownlow Medalist James Hird's wife, Tania.

--> The Bjork Award for the most tacky outfit of the night was a relatively easy choice. Question being, what in the world got into Rachel McLeod's head when she decided on this "statement"?

The Nick Reiwoldt Award for biggest Momma's Boy could not be awarded this year as we could not find a photo of a single player who brought their Mom along to the footy's night of nights. Just to jog your memory this award is given to the player who a) couldn't find a date for the night or b) fulfilled a life-long promise to his Mom and took her as his date to footy's big night. Pick up your game boys.

PS. Your emails and comments (via the links below) are heartily welcomed and enjoyed. We will eventually respond to all emails that require a response. Please do not be put off by our late responses. Email us if with your future requests and we will do our best to make your day/rock your jocks. Keep 'em coming folks.

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