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CWC19: Is This Cricket's New Captain Grumpy?

His team were hot favourites before the world cup began. His team just got smashed by their arch-rivals. He didn't make any runs. Then he was asked to explain other "experts" views at the press conference.

Is Eoin Morgan the new captain grumpy?

Earlier I wrote about how Morgan was putting up a fine exhibition of calmness under pressure, but this just proves what I concluded about the pressure that the England captain and his team are under.

You see, playing for a country that has had little national sporting success, despite employing some of the highest paid and bankable stars across many sports, brings with it an immense burden of expectation. Often inflated expectations.

I guess it's now clear that Eoin Morgan is now experiencing what every English football captain has endured since 1966. The only difference between said English football captains and Morgan, is that Morgan isn't even English!

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