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Sachin Tendulkar Hits 200* In ODI v South Africa

The Roebuck's, Bhogle's, Panicker's and Premachandran's will undoubtedly wax lyrical about the strokes, the temperament and every single gene in Sachin Tendulkar's body. Not being as talented, nor that way inclined, I merely wish to publicly profess that Sachin Tendulkar is my God and never will this cease to be true.

To all Sachin-haters: I can't hear you and if I'm honest, I actually miss your feeble sounds, so come back soon.

To Lalit Modi and his BCCI cronies, Sachin belongs to his fans and not your blood sucking, money leeching and idiocy oozing organisation. In this context, I hope you have the forethought to allow clips of this ground-breaking innings on YouTube and any other video sharing website that fellow cricket lovers choose to grace so that we may relive these memories as and when we please.

I have a strong feeling my words are in vain, but then eternal hope breeds progress, right?

Sachin, cricketing fans the world over salute you for yesterday, for today and will do so for a long, long time to come.


Rolly Chowdhury said...
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Marsh said...

i am so much impressed after seeing your blog.it gives us knowledge so i just wanna say its knowlegable.

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