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The Brit Oval Wicket Widget

Ever wanted a cricket specific app for your desktop that gives you the latest news, the newest videos, the opportunity to buy tickets to the next match and the chance to chat with other cricket officianados? Well the folks at The Brit Oval might just have had had you in mind when coming up with the Wicket Widget.

The Wicket Widget worked well for me. It's a small app that doesn't pretend to be anything but a convenient way for cricket fans in the UK to support keep abreast of the action and indulge their passion. Unfortunately, the downside is that it is only for English / County cricket fans at this stage.

The other unfortunate aspect is that I wasn't able to test the chat feature on this app which allows the user to use an IM-type service to connect with other cricket fans. A good way to create a sense of community would be to allow users, who provide their consent, to be found in a similar way to MIRC or other forums.

Anyway, while I believe there are tentative plans to make this app more relevant to an international cricketing audience, at this time UK cricket fans should go to the link above, download the app and try it out. The news is UK cricket-specific, the videos don't lag and the quality is crystal clear and if you have mates who are into County cricket then the chat function is just for you.

Go on, give it a whirl.

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