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Bangas Schooling the Windies!

Bangladesh have swept the test series 2-0 and are now one win away from clinching the three game one day series in the Caribbean. Despite the West Indies not fielding their best XI players due to the pay dispute between the players and the WICB, the Tigers have nonetheless asserted themselves as the superior outfit.

Even if the Windies were to bring together their big names like Gayle, Sarwan and Chanderpaul for the remainder of the series, I personally would rate them better than an even-money chance to win. Team chemistry would certainly come in to question if a complete overhaul of the lineup did change overnight.

With Shakib Al-Hasan playing to his potential and leading the side superbly, Bangladesh now have placed themselves in a perfect position to move forward in leaps and bounds after this tour. Let’s hope for international cricket the Tigers translate these performances to more consistent showings against all test playing nations. We have been promised this on numerous occasions in the past, however you would like to think a 2-0 test series triumph overseas would be that little bit extra to propel the side in the right direction.

For the West Indies, we hope the pay dispute with the WICB goes away as soon as possible so we see the best West Indian line up take to the field in future. And for the players who have competed in this series against Bangladesh, hopefully their taste of international cricket sees them compete strongly for places in future tours.

Despite not recording the victories on the board, the performances of the likes of Omar Phillips, Travis Dowlin and Kemar Roach has been encouraging and we may be able to see them represent as part of the West Indies strongest XI in the near future.


Ankit said...

Yea, I hope you're right Sri. But this article and series also highlight the equally depressing saga of WI cricket. The series with New Zealand at the start of this year promised much change in a team capable of much more. But since, their captain has publicly stated a preference for T20 cricket, and the England and India series has shown how bland the cricket they are playing is. Let's hope a miracle can change a sad trend in the Caribbean.

Ayush Trivedi said...

Ankit, what happened with the Windies in NZ was a mirage - like the many mirages that Team India treated us to in the 90's under Azharuddin.

For once, the Bangladeshi's grasped the opportunity that was presented to them on a silver platter - and good on them for doing so. However, the unfortunate result is that this series victory will long be held up as evidence of why Bangladesh should continue playing the top Test nations.

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