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Would Ya Like Sum Coory Miister Flintooff

It amazes me how hypocritical some people can be, particularly cricketers - especially Her Majesty's own. Now lets face it, Andrew Flintoff used to be a great cricketer - for about a year or two before the 2005 Ashes. In Simmi's words (there's your honourable mention Sim), he used to be cool.

Sample this from only a couple of months ago, following the second IPL auction after Flintoff had just finished counting to 1.55 million. Now sample this, after his rather humiliating humbling experience in IPL2. So which one is it Freddie?

Given the significant Asian population in the UK, it's patently obvious about who Flintoff refers. I totally agree that it is important to learn the language of the country in which you reside. It makes life a lot easier for everyone concerned. But ask anyone in the know and they'll swear that while a new language can be learned easily enough, a new accent is almost impossible to acquire in its entirety.

Flintoff has never come across as the most intellectual of men, so the standards I applied in this judgement weren't all that high to begin with. What's more, he certainly hasn't done his image any good by offering a token mention of his approval of the UK's multicultural society. Seriously mate, we weren't born yesterday.

Flintoff should ask an American how easy it is to understand the likes of Geoff Boycott, Henry Blofeld or David Lloyd. This way, he might just afford the next "multicultural" hotel receptionist with whom he interacts a tad more respect.


jrod said...

While i think he is a bit thick, and probably a bit racist, I doubt he was talking about Asians, most service jobs in the UK are filled by the Polish. Especially those in hotels. So it wasn't an attack on asians, which doesn't mate it less racist, just racist against a different type of immigrant.

Ayush Trivedi said...

The two experiences I've had of hotels in the UK all had a lot to do with Asian people. But you're absolutely right, the sentiments expressed are abhorrent, irrespective of skin colour.

Thanks for stopping by mate.

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