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Stanford Empire Crumbles, Cricket Is Saved

Once again the survival of our great game can be attributed not to the brilliance or efficacy of its administrators, but pure and unadulterated luck. Allen Stanford came across as the rotten apple he has now proven to be to everyone, but cricket administrators. Why is it that the very "professionals" entrusted with the responsibility of growing and advancing the sport regularly exhibit daft and amateurish decision making skills?

People wonder why a country of a billion people struggles to win Olympic medals, I wonder why a world of over 6 billion people struggles to produce sports administrators worth the paper on which their business cards are published?

The Match Referee has long advocated the need for more talented individuals to take the reigns of the various national boards, including the ICC. The alternative is a game fractured by petty personal agendas, dubious relationships and a lack of concern for the real stakeholders.

The following three videos are from a BBC Panorama documentary, aired at the time
when the collapse of Stanford's empire had only just been put in motion. We can only be thankful to the Gods that through His grace and administrators' ineptness this conman was unable to tarnish our great game any more than he had already managed.

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