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Bring Back Gilly

It's hard for me to write this, being the unabashed fan of Shane Warne that I am, but if Australia are to have any chance at the upcoming World T20, more than Warney, Andrew Hilditch and his band of not-so-wise men have to get on their bat phone and beg Adam Gilchrist to un-banish himself from his self-imposed exile and don the canary yellow for one final hoorah. If it means that Hilditch has to get on his knees and offer favours of unmentionable descriptions, then so be it - tough times call for otherwise unpalatable measures.

Anyone who was watching the IPL semi-final between the Daredevils and Gilchrist's Chargers will know of what I speak. Sure, it was one of those freakish, once-in-a-lifetime type of innings. Coincidence being that Gilchrist is one bloke who has the uncanny ability to play several such innings in the same tournament.

David Warner and all the other pretenders for the Australian opening slot were given a lesson much beyond what Geoff Boycott with a cane could have ever meted out. I have seen Hayden in his prime, I've seen Lara in his prime and as sacrilegious as it is to make this comparison, I've also seen Tendulkar in his prime, and I can confidently say that Gilchrist's innings last night was on an altogether different stratosphere.

Hilditch and co have made many a cock up over the last few months. Being too proud to grovel to a top bloke like Gilly could be potentially fatal as far as Australia's chances at winning the World T20 are concerned.

For those who were stupid enough to sleep through last night's match, watch the highlights below while Digger dusts off his French maid's outfit:

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