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Yuvraj Singh Immortalised In Napier

Our main man Yuvraj Singh (we honestly hold him in high esteem here at The Match Referee) is famous for a number of things: Sunny Gavaskar believes he is the cleanest hitter of the ball in Team India at present; VVS Laxman believes that the media are unnecessarily harsh on the poor bloke and should really back off; and I picked up on the effects mic that a comedian in the crowd at the recently concluded second Test in Napier had this to say:
"Ey, ey, Yuvraj Singh
Ey, ey, Yuvraj Singh
He hits the ball, he hits the bitches
Yuvraj Singh"

Excuse me?!?!

While I don't pretend to believe that either Shakespeare or Tagore would be mightily impressed with the quality of language or prose above, I would like to congratulate the author for producing, if nothing else, something highly original and different to "Saaaachin, Saaaachin" or "Indiiiia, Indiiiia".

However, I do wonder about our comedian friend's motives in trying to open our eyes to Yuvi's exploits off the field, and not least of all the accuracy of his contention? Imagine if such standards were applied to today's sporting heroes.

A school of thought, and one towards which I lean in this instance, is that some people have far too much time for their own good.

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