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Manchester United: Champions Of The Future

Manchester United's academy stars are coming up the ranks
The best is yet to come.

Foster, Rafael, Fabio, Evans, Ronaldo, Anderson, Possebon, Nani, Rooney, Welbeck. This teams would send shivers down anyones spine, not just yours. Not only because they are Machester United players, but worringly for opposition supporters, this will be the team that will grace our world in the years ahead.

This team not only has flair but it also has grit. Anderson will develop over time to become the worlds best play maker, his passing is on par with Barack Obama's eloquence and his defensive game is not to far behind, the fact that he has been able to shut down Gerrard regularly is testament to this. Over time we will see Anderson develop into the Scholes mould, dictating the game and scoring at will. He will be partnered by Possebon who is a Carrick clone. Flank these two with Ronaldo and Nani and need I say more?

Rafael, Fabio and Evans will form the blockade to United's goal. Evans would walk into any other team, Rafael and Fabio will change the role of Fullbacks as drastically as Gilchrist changed the role of a wicketkeeper in cricket. There attacking intent is second to none and combined with Ronaldo and Nani on the flanks, will be unstoppable.

The fact that United have such a young, dynamic and vibrant squad is testament to the transfer policy that the gaffer has had in place for some years now. Unlike Chelsea, who tried to build a team of champions, United have built a champion team. Unlike Liverpool who can't tell the difference between a good player and a dud, United have picked young quality time after time and unlike Arsenal, who pick young players with the determination of a two year old, United have picked players with grit and flair.

The situation has become so dire for the other 'big 3' clubs, that unless they start to get some decent young talent in the near future, the future for the rest of the world could be two words, Manchester United, for no number of Ballacks and Decos will be able to counter the well molded, solid and flamboyant team that Sir Alex would have built up over the years.

Champions of England, Champions of Europe, Champions of the World, we might as well add Champions of the Future to the list.


Anonymous said...

Seems like a sure bet for the future. United to build a team around Ronaldo and Rooney and I hope the former understands this so as to keep his a55 in England inspired of blardy Madrid.

Anonymous said...

Good to have you back, X Factor.

However true your statements and however thrilled I am to have the X Factor say that my team will be the Champions of the Future, I feel you are tempting fate. There is no certainty such a strong side will be as great as you say, because as we all know, the POMs have been good at living up to expectations.

All I'm trying to say is ... wait ... till they do the winning. It's still a way to come, no matter how fantastic they are!

Ayush Trivedi said...

Time to celebrate success while it is still forseeable. You never know when the tables will turn, and I don't necessarily mean on the football pitch either.

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