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Do Pakistani Cricketers Matter In The IPL?

It's an interesting question. I don't think anybody has an answer that can be solidly backed by concrete evidence at this point in time. While their technical ability is not in question and given the state of the nation after the Mumbai slaughter, will it be un-Indian of IPL team bosses to play Pakistanis during the second season of the BCCI's T20 competition?

Younis Khan - that most intelligent of Pakistani cricketers - has quite selflessly proferred that the IPL would suffer catastrophic failure if he and his fellow countrymen were excluded from the upcoming edition.

In Pakistani cricket, Younis' ego is second only to Shoaib Akhtar's and I have a sneaking suspicion that Younis might be suffering from a bout of FIGJAM (f**k I'm good, just ask me - for the uninitiated).

It is my considered opinion that the absence of Pakistani cricketers will have minimal influence on the success or lack thereof the IPL. In fact, I am a firm believer in standardisation and consistent decision making. Therefore, the precedent created by the Indian government's decision to block Team India's tour of Pakistan should be uniformly and religiously applied to ban all Pakistani nationals from earning an income on Indian soil. For what it's worth, yes I will consider it un-Indian if IPL teams field Pakistani cricketers.

This view may seem somewhat extremist to many. However, balanced and measured approaches to coercing that recalcitrant nation to clean up its act have proven unfruitful for 60 years; it's high time for serious heavy-handedness.

Sorry Younis, I simply don't buy your bluster.

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Anonymous said...

Why should pakistani players get to earn Indian money? In the end this same money is going back to the country which blatently supports and aides terrorist strikes in India. Dirty Paki's!

Anonymous said...

bleedy indians always play blame game. f u c k indian cricket they can only know how to play with shit. dirty indians. long live pakistan.

Anonymous said...

The indian organization did not show the professional attitude on the selection of Paksitani players. So in my opinion the Pakistani cricketers should now attend this evenet if they get now invitation. Pakistani officials also should not allow to the player to go India. Even they should not qurious to ivite Indian team in Pakistan in the future.

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