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Ronaldinho & Anderson Party With Drug Dealer

Source: Goal.com

So say Brazilian police who tapped the phones of these two footballing superstars in a bid to discover the whereabouts of a notorious drug dealer who had escaped from prison. A police department insider reveals that the AC Milan and Manchester United players were discussing attending a party with the fugitive.

Luckily for Ronaldinho and Anderson, they never mentioned the purchase, consumption or courier of drugs during the tapped calls. Word has it that a friend of Anderson's was looking after the footballer's apartment in his absence, and used the premises to hide the fugitive - all without Anderson's knowledge.

While Ronaldinho and Anderson may not have known the shady activities of their fugitive 'friend', stories like this only highlight the different worlds in which modern day stars exist. Forget about living in your house, if your neighbour was your town's most successful dealer, you would know about it - without ever having to talk to him.

Maybe superstars just don't care about such trivialities, it's probably easier for them to simply turn a blind eye. Any superstars able to shed some light on this rather intriguing component of your beings?

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