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Delhi Blasts - A Test Of Australian Cricket's Gumption

The Delhi blasts of 13 September have yet again exposed the inadequacy and ineptitude of Indian politicians and enforcers of law and order in protecting the common man and his / her property. The only "assets" that can ever be securely protected in India are monuments, buildings, cricket stadiums and white people. As such, Australia (or any other sporting nation, for that matter) should have no problem in progressing with its Indian tour.

However, it is going to be of great interest to see how Cricket Australia goes about justifying its soon to be taken decision of continuing with its tour of India. For the average Indian it is plain to see that foreigners have always been quite safe in the country and the Indian government always manages to ensure foreigners are almost never hurt in any of these blasts.

Undoubtedly and quite correctly, some might argue, Pakistan will feel slighted and belittled when (I don't believe it is a question of "if") Cricket Australia decides to send its team to India. The prevailing questions emanating from Pakistan upon announcement of Cricket Australia's decision will center around why Pakistan has been singled out and India let off the hook.

Obviously, money will offer some comfort during the deliberations of Australia's players and officials - money always talks (remember the players' reactions after the Jaipur blasts during the IPL). Australia could also genuinely argue that India's ability to keep strategic assets free of terrorist activities has been markedly better than that of Pakistan's.

Unfortunately, Pakistan cricket's plight is such that any ensuing hue and cry will most probably be put down to a severe case of bitterness after the postponement of the Champions Trophy. While I never enjoy observing a talented cricketing nation treated with such disdain, this series of events may just force the powers-that-be in Pakistan to clean up their act and work towards developing a cricketing establishment that is clean and honest.

PS. Just as an aside (and something totally off the topic) - you and I have always heard rumours of the complicity of Indian politicians with these bastards / terrorists. Given such rumours and that I would never wish such pain inflicted on any human being and that India's image in the global domain would suffer most if non-Indians were killed or injured in the blasts, why is it that such attacks are so well planned that they almost always only manage to impact Indian citizens for whom no Indian politician, official or system is in the least bit concerned?

Just some food for thought.

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Trideep said...

The trip has to on.. There is a lot of money involved.. much more than the champions trophy.

Anonymous said...

Strong post. i hope Aussies dont cancel their tour cos there is a diff bw India and Pakistan.

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