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Sreesanth: Mr T Thinks You're A Fool

No sooner had he been announced as a member of the Commonwealth Bank Series Indian touring party, did the "journalists" flock in their droves for a sound bite, or four. Let's just say the said reporters got all they could have asked for, and more.

Now, I'm not one for removing characters from the game. Not at all. In fact the game needs all the characters it can get. After all, there's only so many Anil Kumble's we can handle, right?

Sreesanth is alleged (you can never be sure on anything that the Indian media reports, even if it is in quotation marks) to have wondered aloud, "The Aussies should be worried I am coming."

Seriously now, I like his bowling and his flair. The dancing needs a lot of work and probably the temperament too. But, for him to ask anybody to be scared oh him? Turn it up, mate. The only bowler that scared anybody on the cricket field was big Curtly Ambrose. Until Sreesanth gets a few botox injections and a helluva lot more time under the sun, he ain't gonna scare nobody.

Except with that... err.. dancing. Maybe.

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