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Pink Cherries To Pop Those Of Cancer

An ingenious fund raising idea from cricketers, we feel. Australian cricketers have, in recent times, been fairly vocal about the causes they support. A very noble act from stars using their immense public profiles to shed light on their chosen charities.

The idea of pink Test match grade cricket balls being auctioned off to support the fight against cancer is an idea we should all get behind, if for nothing else, then just to claim that our house is home to one of only 200 pink cricket balls ever made.

Word has it that the cherries, signed by a host of cricketing legends past and present, will go on sale sometime in the next week. Keep a look out for the said auction at the Sunsmart website.

Until then, join us here at The Match Referee in congratulating Carl Rackemann and the boys for partaking in this most noble of causes.

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