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India v England Third Test: Self Interest Never Pays

Cricket is a team game and Team India has proven over throughout this series just how rich the dividends can be, if effective teamwork is used to confront challenges. With all this evidence at hand, it was extremely perplexing to observe English coach Peter Moores asking his batsman to put self-interest above those of the team's.

In this day and age of micro-analysis, Moores might have known that the Indians have posted 16 half-century partnerships during the Test series. These partnerships have blunted England's attacks early and clinically shredded them to bits when the time has been right.

This effectiveness of the Indian's style of play would have been illustrated to an even greater degree if Anil Kumble had not scored his well deserved century. I'm not begrudging one of India's greatest his deserved success, I'm merely trying to illustrate how off kilter the English thinking has been ever since they began their first innings.

As an aside, Anil Kumble is the epitome of selflessness. You would not find the term "self-interest" in his vocabulary. His influence on Team India's clinical, cohesive and mature game plan in this series cannot be underestimated.

Somewhere along the path of defending his rowdy and beleaguered players, Peter Moores has lost sight of what his team really needs. The English camp should not lose sight of the fact that they play a team game.

Team's are built on the graft and selflessness of the collective. Individual sparks of genius only serve to provide that little extra oomph when required and make the game more interesting for us spectators.

As an Indian, I would like to thank Peter Moores for getting his priorities so badly out of order and making our series victory that much easier. Pete, you're a legend.

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