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India v England: Test Series Preview

Over the past few weeks, The Match Referee has brought you a series of posts focusing on a number of aspects of the upcoming series between England and Team India. The said series of posts have been the most comprehensive series preview The Match Referee has ever presented.

Following is a list of the articles that we are written and that you should devour at the earliest:
  1. A frank discussion of exactly how much talking India's newest "pace" bowling hopeful, Ranadeb Bose, should be doing.
  2. With Rahul Dravid's preference routine of five bowlers being well known by one and all, find out exactly why Team India needs a full complement of six batsmen for this series.
  3. After learning what Cricket Australia is doing with Mitchell Johnson we checked out Ishant Sharma and tried to tell the BCCI exactly what it should be doing with him.
  4. We got a little frustrated with all the rumours about the dropping of Mahendra Singh Dhoni and went to town with a comprehensive critique of exactly why he is the key to success for Team India.
  5. Finally, no preview is complete without a prediction or three. So have a read and let us know if you think were barking up the totally wrong tree.
That is the end of all the poultry you are likely to hear from us. Happy reading, make sure you keep checking back the series and match updates and opinions (the latest of which can be found under the What's Hot section of the right sidebar), but most of all do not figure that it is your opinion that really matters. So say it loud and say it proud.

Postscript: Click here to view the latest articles on India's defeat of England in the recently concluded Test series.

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