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David Beckham: Footballer or Cash Cow

Source: Perform Group

This is a question eternal that the pundits can always agree to disagree on. By his own admission, David Beckham was not the most talented player ever to set foot on this earth. Beckham's achievements have been made possible through diligence and a single-minded quest for perfection.

Along the way, Beckham the footballer has become Beckham the style icon, and more importantly, Beckham the sure-fire brand. A brand that Real Madrid has milked to its utmost, according to this report.

The timing of Real's announcement smacks of a club still smarting from the departure of one its most valuable commercial assets. It's almost a, "we don't care if you leave, because we've already squeezed you for all your worth!"

In this context, one has to cast a suspicious eye at Los Angeles Galaxy's acquisition of Beckham at a recurring cost of AUD$60 million over five years. For all their claims of luring Beckham to improve their on-field fortunes, did the Galaxy build some class of a financial model that told them that Beckham's transfer could augment their bank balance beyond all known bounds? It would seem so, as the footballing prowess of the 32 year old Beckham is well on the wane. Although, like a true champion he still managed to spur a lacklustre mid-season Real to a thrilling La Liga championship.

It is clear that the foray into the United States is seen by Beckham as a step to securing his financial future, by rubbing shoulders with the powers-that-be of the Hollywood Hills. Good luck to the man, he deserves all the green backs he can muster, if only for providing the fans of his two teams, thus far, with many a glorious moment.

As the Beckham gears up for his debut, it remains to be seen which David Beckham the LA Galaxy snared, the footballer or the cash cow.

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