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Transfer Rumours: Thierry Henry Throws His Weight Around

Brilliant, talented, classy, even breathtaking. All these adjectives, and more, have been used to describe the footballer that is Arsenal's Thierry Henry. At the culmination of a season that saw Arsenal's main man (some would say, only man) being relegated to off-field action only, news appears that he is rather perturbed by reports indicating that he may be on his way to Barcelona.

Barcelona are naturally looking for a spearhead up front to replace the real genius of Samuel Eto'o. However, it seems strange that clubs like AC Milan and Barcelona would even look at Henry, considering all the global talent that the clubs could pick and choose from.

Henry is notoriously famous for under-performing for any manager that is not Arsene Wenger and for any team that is not Arsenal. The management teams of the two pursuing clubs would be taking a long shot if they believe that they can convert Henry from his one-coach, one-team ways.

On the other hand, one has to wonder at exactly where Arsenal will be headed next season if Henry does decide to gallop off to Europe. The insinuation of the Gunners being a one-man team are not entirely inaccurate, as almost their entire game plan is based around this one man. If Henry does leave, I think it wouldn't be far-fetched to predict that Arsenal could well find themselves mid-table at the end of the next EPL season.

One also has to wonder exactly what the two clubs and Henry's supporters see in the man. Sure he has shown some flashes of talent, but usually only when he has received the delivery he wants at the time he wants it. I think it would be fair to say that he is also notoriously famous for producing lame dives.

You want proof? Take a look at this:

Postscript: All denials emanating from Henry and his management team have proven to be mere lip service and all the speculation has been turned into reality. Aresenal's only greatest asset is on his way to Barcelona.

Now that it has been announced that Arsene Wenger will also not seek a renewal of his contract after next season, it seems apparent that he will be leaving the London club in quite some disarray - unless they are able to snare a big name forward who will have more than just his personal ambitions at heart.

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Anonymous said...

Most people who know anything about football understand that Henry is an excellent player. Milan and Barca are chasing him because they both need real talent in front of goal and Henry can give them this. What grounds do you have for rubbishing Henry's talent like this?

Paul Wakeham, Brentford

Ayush Trivedi said...

Welcome to the blog Paul and thanks for your comment.

I don't argue that Henry is a good player - for Arsenal. He gels with Wenger and the people around him provide what he wants.

However, is inability to perform whilst playing under other managers and for other teams, prevent him from being included in the "great" or "brilliant/excellent" category.

X Factor said...

the reason why he hasnt performed under any other managers is because he has hardly played under them. He started his career at Monaco where Arsene Wenger was manager, then went to a brief stint at Juventus before Arsenel Wenger bought him back to Arsenel in 1999. :)

Anonymous said...

dunno wat u got against him Ayush, but i can tell you he is god, dont care wat the fuck u think abt that....his dives, man u shud c wat other so called classy players do, this is nuthing....gs u have no fucking idea y gr8 clubs are after him....

Ayush Trivedi said...

However brief his stints under other managers, it still remains that he has not produced his best under them. It will be interesting to see how he holds up in the Spanish league now that his move to Barca has been confirmed.

Ayush Trivedi said...


Thanks for the feedback. Maybe I don't know as much about football as you. However, you could have said the same thing without resorting to expletives.

I have never denied that he has talent. However, I do believe that he wastes his talent by faking contact to earn cheap free kicks when he would be better served taking on the defender and showing his true wares.

Anonymous said...

Why do I get the feeling that that video is the only time you have seen Henry play?

And I guess I can safely assume you are a ManU or Chek$ki fan, from your comments about arsenal becoming a mid table team and arsene wenger leaving.

Arsenal played without Henry for most of last season, got to the Carling Cup final without him, beat ManU at Old Trafford without him and drew twice with chekski without him. Your assertion that he is arsenal's only asset is nothing but a manu fan's dream.

And are you seriously questioning Henry's talent? He terrorized defenders in the EPL for 8 years. He doesnt need to "fake and get free kicks" to score goals. And your declaration that he cant take on defenders just reinforces my first statement. Why dont you take a look at some other videos on youtube? Or watch replays of some of henry's goals? But seriously, this is the first time iv heard henry being accused of diving and cheating to score.

But Im curious, what are your views on C.Ronaldo? Is he also untalented?

Henry is a class player. Barca want him because he is a class player. Please, donot write about things you have no clue about, like Henry's talent, or just football in general.

Anonymous said...


It looks like the frustrattion of never seeing Arsenal win anything has got the better of you. Just because Arsenal are no good at the moment and have just become alot worse due to the fact that your only decent player has left, is no reason for bagging out Man U.
The fact of the matter is that no Arsenal player and yes you heard no Arsenal player matches the class of any Man U player and that is all over the park. As for Christiano Ronaldo, well he is just a champion and quite simply was the best player in the world this year so dont try trick your frustrated mind into thinking otherwise. It is quite funny how you Arsenal fans never have a problem in bagging out Man U but the thing is youve got nothing to back it up with ad you are always below us on the ladder. Rushi a piece of advice for you, Arsenal aint going to get any better any time soon so you should switch clubs cos that is the only way you will get unfrustrated, maybe that way you will learn a bit about the game and be able to enjoy the beautiful talent out there that teams like Man U posses, it will give you a rest from the rubbish that Arsenal puts out on the pitch each week. One last thing, who won the league this season??? Yes thats right, point made

X Factor

Ayush Trivedi said...


I lament Henry's shameful tactics only because he is talented. If he was punching above his weight by drawing cheap free kicks then nobody would have a problem with that. He has shown what he can do when he stays on his feet, so why has he started diving more lately?

I wouldn't mind him returning to his old ways. If for nothing else, then just to see him play football the way it was meant to be played.

As far as Man U is concerned. Yes, I am a Man U fan. To be honest with you, no Man U fan ought to have to defend their team against Arsenal supporters, because, as X said, our consistently successful results speak for themselves.

On Ronaldo, you obviously need to improve your reading skills, for I have never questioned his natural talent, nor his on-field performances. Your vitriol is misplaced and can only be silenced with your truthful answer to this question: would you say no to Ronaldo joining Arsenal?

Case closed.

Anonymous said...

Heh, consistently successful by not winning the league for four years? Does going 49 matches unbeaten in the league count as being "inconsistent" just because of two off seasons?

And you misunderstand me, I completely agree that Ronaldo is one of the best players in the world right now. But since the main problem you had with Henry was his apparent diving, and Ronaldo never stays on his feet for more than 5 minutes at a stretch, I was wondering if you had similar thoughts on Ronaldo.

And X Factor, let me worry about my frustrations. I am just happy watching Arsenal play, I dont need trophies to satisfy me. In fact, I thought the Carling cup final was one of the best matches for Arsenal last season, even though we lost.

But if you think arsenal play "rubbish football", i have a feeling you are talking about a different sport(synchronised diving maybe?).

Oh and thanks for your advice, ill keep it in mind. Is that how you became a ManU fan?

Anonymous said...

iv been a die hard manu fan for 8 yrs and i love them for the game they play.
but along with this i have nothing against arsenal and 3 yrs ago they were truly unbeatable( in EPL only mind you)...and this is courtesy of henry along with the help of berkamp,pires,luemberg etc....henry has scored some crazy goals for arsenal.
he hasnt really shone for france though ...i think he just gets overshodowed by zidane...
as far as diving goes, everyone dives in pressure situations...

barca are not stupid...they have a good method of play which suits henry...they have players who can play along with him and not behind him like the current arsenal team which plainly sucks...not bec of lack of talent but lack of experience...henry made the right choice...arsenal will def take a while to recover

meanwhile MANU ROCKS!!

Varun said...

This post has got to be a joke. No?...Well then let me take up the case

Thierry Henry was quite simply the best player in the EPL. He was the top scorer for 4 seaons in 5 and he made as many as he scored. He was so good that they stopped giving him the awards. You ask any football pundit who the best player in the EPL was over the past decade and 9 out of 10 would say Henry..

Its ridiculous to suggest that Henry had everything given to him on a platter for anybody who has seen Arsenal play will know Henry makes his own goals and very very few are 'poacher' goals. I think you guys have watched Nistelrooy tapping the ball in too many times and have gotten a bit muddled. Can't blame you I say for Ruud was that useless..

And Thierry Henry dives? You guys must be nuts. If you've got only two 'questionable'moments in a career spanning 500 games , its pathetic. Theirry HEnry dives as much as my grand mum and she doesn go sprawling around a lot .....

Are you Man U fans having nightmares about the overhead goal at highbury in 2000 and is this your solution to overcome the pain?

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