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If not hot, then definitely classic. All hail YouTube - it's great for a rainy day, its great for a boring day and its the best for finding things you never thought people would keep - of the audiovisual variety.

After I finished watching the video of my colleague's ski trip to Gulmarg, India, I happened across two absolute gems (yes TV advertisements can sometimes be quite watchable).

This is one of Adidas' first advertisements featuring Sachin Tendulkar that used ground-breaking (at the time it was thanks to The Matrix) 360 degree camera swivel technology:

The second is a Nike commercial featuring very short cameos from Sreesanth and Zaheer Khan, from when - I don't know. True to Nike marketing form it perfectly captures just how much India loves cricket (the love is fast dying with much of the impetus emanating from that deluded body known as the BCCI):

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