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Pakistan Cricket: We Are Not To Blame

That is essentially what Nasif Ashraf wants us to believe with his lastest administrative stroke of genius.

This seems like yet another crafty PCB plan, you might remember that Ashraf resigned from his post, along with the entire selection panel. President Mushy, in all his wisdom, has now decided that Ashraf has been doing a tremendous job since he took over the post five months ago and needs to continue as Chariman, for the betterment of Pakistan and Pakistani cricket.

After this most ringing of all ringing endorsements, Ashraf has well and trully launched onto the front foot. With unbridled vigour, Ashraf has announced that the next coach of Pakistan will not be appointed in the near future. However, Bob Woolmer's successor will be a Pakistani.

With his reinstatement as chairman, and after this latest announcement, it is blatantly clear that the PCB is trying to deflect all blame from itself and back onto the "foreign coach". For mine, it is a clear case of typical subcontinental opportunism.

During his tenure, Ashraf has been busy taking international trips and making public comments unbecoming of his position (eg. his comments on the religion factor within the Pakistani team). His time in the job has seen the PCB and the Pakistani team embroiled in controversy after shameful scandal.

World cricket needs strong and vibrant Indian and Pakistani teams. The unfortunate fact is that the Ashraf and Pawar administrations seem incapable of making significant and sustained progress and disinterested in working towards the betterment of the game.

Name calling and apportionment of blame will not achieve results, gentlemen.

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