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A Little Numb, In Absolute Denial

The first part is as accurate a summation of my present mood, the denial part you will understand later. After what is likely to be the worst ever performance by an Indian team at any edition of the Cricket World Cup, I am still struggling to believe it actually happened.

It is blatantly obvious, to anyone with half a brain, that the archaic structures and systems that have sustained Indian cricket for the last 20 years are inadequate for the needs of today's game. They will continue to prove themselves ineffective and inefficient as long as the game is governed by a haphazard, illogical and inept organisation that is manned by equally worthless and petty individuals that care for nothing more than their own selfish, personal agendas.

Despite the said structures and systems many good men have invested much thought, sweat and courage in trying to ensure that at least the national team can enjoy the right environment in which it has the opportunity to prosper. A building is only as safe as its foundations. Unfortunately, and far too soon for the hopes and wishes of many supporters, the building that is Team India finally gave way. I am inclined to argue that it is a true wonder that it has remained, somewhat, erect for so long.

If Bermuda beats Bangladesh tonight, and I give them no chance, we can be sure that a miracle of the highest order would have just occurred. If I were Chappell and Dravid I would be doing everything possible to help Bermuda achieve the impossible. With tongue firmly in cheek, the match-fixing route also crossed my mind, but thats a dirty name and we won't go there, for now.

Assuming that India are finally ousted from the World Cup tonight, I must say that I strongly agree with Sharad Pawar in that "harsh" decisions are required for the good of the game in India. But, that is where it ends.

I maybe numb, but I am also angry. Angry that a bunch of misfits and idiots posing as managers of the wealthiest body of its kind still have a job, as honorary as it may be. Pawar has come out with the same rhetoric that we all expected of him in the current climate: something about more youngsters and planning for the next World Cup.

Where does he plan to pull the said youngsters from? From a soft and bloated domestic competition structure that is not worth its first class status? From a situation where players bribe selectors to make it to Ranji squads (remember the DDCA)? From an environment where a pitch is known to be a strip of mud, devoid of any substance, in the middle of a green oval? From a system where 30 year old men with 5 year old children are still playing in various under-16 age-group tournaments?

Pawar neds to own up. The majority of the "blame" for this unfortunate defeat lies with him and his cronies, along with all those that have come before them and deigned it unnecessary to execute their duties with due care for the game. Greg Chappell and his staff are not to blame. Rahul Dravid and his players could have done things a little better than they did. However, it is Pawar and his calamitous group of fools that have no interest in making India a superpower of the cricket world - on the field - who are the real culprits in this drama.

All the BCCI's greenbacks are of no use or importance when it continually fails to employ them for the right purposes. Forget trying to help potential Olympians to reach their goals, it needs to look after its own pathetic backyard first. As obnoxious as it sounds, the simpletons that damaged the player's houses and burnt their effigies should have done it to Pawar and his mob instead. He is not worth the seat he occupies and it has become a waste of the nation's resources to listen to the unending gibberish he spouts.

Someone needs to do us all a favour and dethrone Pawar's pitiful administration. In fact, it is high time that he did us all a favour and stepped down of his own volition. The most unfortunate fact is that its not going to happen and the professions who should take his place are never going to surface.

The blame, Mr Pawar, lies with you.


Basketer said...

I totally agree with your point. I am disappointed too. I too did a post on " ICC World Cup2007 : My and India's end " yesterday.
Actually, before the WC I thought this was the best team we had in a long time. But when we lost to Bangladesh I knew it was wrong, terribly wrong.

Ayush Trivedi said...

I'm not sure we got the personnel all that wrong. But, Chappell admitted at the press conference afterwards that the players weren't handling the pressure all that well.

The reason that is so is because of the system that breeds false confidence. Although, I also readily admit that if there was a stage for the stars to stand up and be counted, this was it.

Maybe, we should wait for the "youngsters". But, I have a sneaking suspicion they will be the same. Nothing will change until there is a sweeping change of attitudes and structures in Indian cricket.

Thanks for your comments. Keep them coming.

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