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Stand Up! If You're Not A Stinkin' Pom

A disclaimer before I begin: the words in the title are not mine. They have been crafted by a man with far more melodic ability than I.

If you thought metal disintegration was the preserve of the Australian cricket team and whoever they happened to be playing, think again. After the Barmy Army fired the first shot for the upcoming Ashes series, with their brand spanking new songbook, Australia has gone into song-writing overdrive.

Radio talkback shows, morning news on the TV and the internet have been inundated with closet Slim Dustys' trying to song-write their way to stardom. If you are looking for something to sing/scream your lungs out to during this summer's series, you might find inspiration at some of these websites:
  • An Aussie Song For The Ashes - they have six .pdf files full of songs!
  • The Tonk has a go, with plenty of help from their readers. The title of this post came from a song submitted to them by "Wayne Smith". I'm mightily surprised the composer wasn't a certain "Wayne Ker".
  • News.com gets in on the act.
  • The Corridor has lyrics from a Shannon Noll CD (you know its getting rough when Shannon Noll get in on the act).
To our dearest readers of English origins, if you thought Australia was just looking for some light-hearted banter during this Ashes series. Think again. I'm warning you all, in advance, to we weary of Yabba and his posse:

All this makes those Friday night karaoke regulars look good.

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