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The Idiot That Is Duncan Fletcher

Not that I want it to, but my prediction for England's chances of retaining The Ashes is coming true. If my prediction does in fact eventuate, Duncan Fletcher should be sacked after this Ashes series for totally and utterly failing to give his team every opportunity to win a cricket match.

Andrew Flintoff is returning from injury. Steve Harmison looks about 2 months short of full match fitness. Matthew Hoggard may as well be called a specialist batsman if the ball is not swinging, which it doesn't after the first morning at Brisbane. Jimmy Anderson is not in the best form and is insecure about his place in the side.

What gremlins have found their way inside Duncan Fletcher's head? Why in the world would you pick a bits and pieces player ahead of a specialist, attacking bowler?

Ashley Giles
has never won England a match and never will either. Monty Panesar has won his team matches through his efforts alone and is more likely to make a dent in the Australian batting line-up. He has had a successful year bowling against the best players of spin bowling from the sub-continent. He should be playing at The Gabba. Instead, he's got his feet up in the shed listening to RDB on his iPod.

As I write this, Damien Martyn and Ricky Ponting are in the process of taking Giles apart during his second over. He is lobbing the ball in the air with no hint of spin or guile. The only way he is going to take a wicket is if the batsman becomes overconfident or trods on his stumps.

I dear say, this must be the beginning of the end for Duncan Fletcher's tenure as coach of England.


iamahatter9 said...

Here, here!! What a waste of time staying up last night. As soon as they announced the team I felt like going to bed, and then after 4 overs I felt like going to bed and not waking up until January.

Ayush Trivedi said...

And these Channel 9 commentators are annoying me to no end now. Especially Ian Chappel. The fact that Giles may not bowling as negatively as before, is no reason to imply that he deserves to be in the team ahead of Panesar.

I never really liked the Channel 9 commentators. The novelty value wore off quite a few years ago. Slats is not bad though. Prob one of the best going around.

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