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Beach Cricket vs Stick Cricket - The Definitive Guide Part 0

It has been the avenue for many a successful hour of procrastination for workers and students the world over. Anybody who knows anything about cricket and the internet has heard of and tried their hand at Stick Cricket.

However, in this capitalist age a monopoly can only remain for so long. Realising that they could commercialise, what would probably be, the only un-commercialised pastime remaining, Australian brewery XXXX has cobbled together a bunch of has-been cricketers and will pit them against each other in a triangular tournament - on the beach.

If you haven't seen the ads yet, "where the bloody hell are ya?" In a smart marketing move the marketing types behind this event have dreamed up beach cricket, internet style, for us to get our teeth into, and get our teeth into, we did.

We, here at The Match Referee (TMR), decided the world would be a far more livable home if there was a definitive guide to the two most common vices of cricket-loving procrastinators. Hence, in a one + two part series we will bring you a comprehensive low-down of the major differences between Stick Cricket and XXXX Beach Cricket in order to determine the superior option for all the hours that you may need to waste in future.

Also see: Part 1 | Part 2 (coming very soon)

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