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BCCI Ratings & Awards

I had heard some hoo-ha about an awards night the BCCI was planning to conduct, along the lines of Cricket Australia's Alan Border Medal night. Well, you read it here first, folks. The BCCI has unveiled its website for the said awards - without much fanfare, it must be noted.

In another reminder of the twisted logic the esteemed Board of Control for Cricket in India can treat us to, the website for the awards ceremony even precedes the Board's official website. Every other organisation would setup a website explaining its core activities before developing websites about its various frivolities. Then again, the BCCI is definitely not "any other organisation".

Alas, on my voyage of discovery I continued. The awards are based on "a Ratings System which is developed from the data provided by the BCCI statisticians superimposed by parameters defined by the Cricket Experts." Huh? Big words, but I still can't quite figure out how the awards are allocated.

So, I read on and realise that the BCCI loves associated itself with big-name brands. There were some utterances of the Board roping in Microsoft to develop software to evaluate umpires. Here, we are duly informed that "the first ever Ratings System that will be validated by a leading International Audit Firm – Ernst & Young Pvt. Ltd." Great, at least there will be no rigging of votes, or was that statistical data?

Over the years, we have also learned that the BCCI loves to outsource it's activities, for various reasons that we will ponder in another post. Keeping with this tune, "The BCCI Ratings, which is managed by Percept Holdings is a key BCCI initiative to promote cricket in India." We will let the poor grammar pass through to the 'keeper for now. Get this, "The BCCI Ratings are a unique blend of statistical and popular Ratings," and the "Ratings will be done on a daily and weekly basis." So, err, are they based on statistics or votes and are they "done" daily or weekly?

Let us not rot in utter confusion, for we are informed, in no uncertain terms, that the "first awards shall be presented in February 2007." The award categories include Best Batsman, Best Bowler, Best All Rounder and Best Fielder (how on Earth are they going to judge that?).

For all my mockery, it is a reasonably well designed website. Pity about the content though. Maybe they will get it all right for the real BCCI website. Just may be.

PS. The website has a "Contact Us" form where I have enquired as to the reasoning behind releasing this website before the actual BCCI homepage. I will keep you updated if I receive a reply.

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