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Who Wants To Be A Hero?

There's not million dollars at the end of this contest (probably because anybody that does take up the offer is already earning close to that amount) and you need to do it consistently. I understand most people who have the opportunity to avail of this offer have not exhibited any evidence that they understand the meaning of the word consistent, so update yourselves here.

Guess what, I actually agree with most of what X said earlier (by the by, welcome back X). The five bowler theory does not consistently work for the Indian team. This is one-day-international cricket boys. Wickets will not win you matches. Runs will.

We have been consistently beaten by the West Indies for the past year or two and we still fail to learn our lessons. There is no point copying the Australian way when you do not have the talent in the ranks, across the board. I still believe we are more talented than the West Indians, but that should not prohibit us from learning some lessons from them and desi-fying some of their tactics. The West Indians have become kings at playing 3 bowlers (4 at an absolute maximum) in a match. Why? Because:
  1. They do not have 4 or 5 specialist bowlers who can do a materially better job than the part-timers in an ODI. So why waste their time and ours by playing them, know they will get tonked around more often than not. Better to fill their spot with a batsman who will conceded the same amount of runs while bowling and probably score a helluva lot more while batting.
  2. Just like frumpy dresses, specialist bowlers went out of fashion in the 80's. Runs matter lads. Runs.
After we have finished copying the tactics of the other teams, lets get our selection right. Virender Sehwag doesn't deserve his spot in a club side at the moment. Bring in Robin Uthappa and give the kid some time in the middle. I am not convinced by at the prospect of Suresh Raina at 3, but experimentation is the name of the game, no? Try it, for a good while and see how the bloke performs. To be brutally honest with you. I wouldn't even mind seeing Kaif at 3 at the moment.

Point being, you shouldn't fix things when they are not broken, but you should bring in the piano movers when they are. Get to it Chappelli.

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