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Congratulations Steve Bucknor

Congratulations are indeed in order, for Steve Bucknor has now umpired in 150 ODIs. Yesterday's match between India and Australia marked only the third occasion in the game's history where an umpire has stood in his 150th one day international match.

I am not one to hold my punches. On this wonderful occasion, for a man who receives unbridled praise from all who know him, I must say that I believe he should never have achieved this landmark. Bucknor heads a list of umpires on the ICC's Elite Panel who have proven themselves incompetent time and time again. The said list is headed by none other than our good friend Darryl Hair, and apart from Bucknor, includes the likes of Rudi Koertzen and Daryl Harper.

It was interesting to note that after a year of horrendous performances, Sri Lankan umpire Asoka De Silva was booted out in a hurry. Whereas, the aforementioned gentlemen have been consistent in making blunder after blunder, but we have heard not an utterance as to why they remain on the "Elite Panel".

I am sure many cricket fans will band together to agree with me that these gentlemen have served to ruin many an exciting game of cricket due to their inaccurate and ill-judged (ill-tempered, even, in Bucknor's case) decision making. Unfortunately, with the ICC being equally as incapable of making fair and correct decisions, we cannot hope to see accurate and proficient umpires in the near future.

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Anonymous said...

You need eyes to be a cricket umpire. The day you start relying on your spectacles more than your own eyes should be the day you quit umpiring. He's too old in any language!!

Ayush Trivedi said...

That is, indeed, a more blunt approach to arrive at the same conclusion. I'm not sure if he's too old. But, he definitely is past his best. Well past his best.

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