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Australians Falling Like Flies

Not the whole team yet, but to any Aussie it would seem that Indian chefs at the restaurants the Australian cricket team frequents are trying to achieve this end.

Cricinfo reports that Shane Watson has been "rushed" to hospital complaining of chest and stomach pains. Poor kid. He was probably out celebrating his fantastic performances thus far in the Champions Trophy and demolished one too many bowls of butter chicken.

John Buchanan is quoted as saying that there have been minor stomach related disturbances for the players on this trip. That is the first I've heard of any such discomfort. However, kudos must go Australian teams since Steve Waugh's days for shutting up about the food and the pollution and concentrating on enjoying their time in India and the sub-continent in general.

Coincidentally, I was just looking through the archives and pondering how tough the Australians are. After reading this news, I realised how mistaken I was. How can you call yourself tough when you can't handle a few extra bacteria in your food?

Be a man, Watto. Bite the bullet, son.


Unknown said...

woah... is that disturbing or what?? poor chaps... :(

Unknown said...

you can never be safe with matches- which is incredibly disturbing- since all you can do is trust- you're basically putting your health into the hands of people you barely know- how paranoid they must be!

Salil said...

Doesn't quite compare with Hayden being assaulted by a dog, but either way - ouch!

Looks like so far they're at least taking it on the chin and not using it as a potential excuse/whinging about it.

Ayush Trivedi said...


You're absolutely right. It does sort of pale into insignificance. But then again it is the man mountain Hayden. I mean, what is the worst the dog could have done, made a few teeth marks in those bulging calves or forearms? :P

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