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The Ashes: Aussies Cutting Down On Them Rolls

Watch out England. The Aussies are out to batter you with their rock hard .. err.. bodies. The Herald Sun reports that the Australian cricket team is using "space age fitness technology" to "harden" their bodies in preparation for the upcoming Ashes and World Cup.

Cricket Australia has hired Justin Cordy who has previously worked with the Essendon Bombers and Western Bulldogs. Apparently the goal was to reduce the players skinfolds in order to make them as lean as they could be. This, coupled with GPS technology and other bits and pieces, would help them increase performance levels at training to map better with match conditions.

Apparently, preliminary investigations found that Nathan Bracken runs 15 kms in the outfield alone, during one session of an ODI. Quite astounding really, I would never have thought it would be that high. You can understand now why some bowlers break down so much, considering the stress of the actual bowling action plus the extra exertion whilst fielding. I suppose some of us just are not cut out to do everything at once. Shane Bond being a prime example.

Although, I am still struggling with the whole "space-age" bit. Last time I did one of those initial fitness assessments at the gym they measured my skinfold percentage too. Surely, the mere use of GPS tracking devices, which are so common in our everyday lives now, doesn't qualify this process for such a tag. I get the feeling this is just another example of sensationalist tabloid journalism. Then again, why am I surprised? After all, it is the Herald Sun.

However, the article does mention that Andrew Symonds, Shane Watson (pictorial evidence here) and Adam Gilchrist have derived the most from this exercise. I must ask the question: does that mean Gilly's ears will look even bigger now?

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Anonymous said...

Old joke I know but.....

"Be careful what you say about Gilly.....He might HEAR you"

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