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Another One Bites The Dust

England's support staff for the upcoming Ashes series is dwindling, fast. In another sign that all is not as well as it was during the last Ashes series, the ECB's Chief Medical Officer has resigned from the post. Dr Peter Gregory cited "a great deal of time away from home, both during the winter and the summer" as his primary concern (remind you of a certain M Trescothick?).

I can understand the employment of a doctor to manage the health of contracted players, in fact I have implored the BCCI to learn from other Boards and follow suit. However, the article makes mention of a certain Simon Timson, who is stated as being the "ECB's Science & Medicine Manager".

What could possibly be the role of a Science & Medicine Manager, unless the ECB is undertaking top secret R&D experiments on how to clone Michael Vaughan, minus the dodgy knee of course. Otherwise, what would Mr Timson be in charge of, the medicine cabinet perhaps?

Either way, thanks to Dr Gregory's resignation the English touring party has been slashed from 1,121 strong to merely 1,120 weak. They are bound to lose The Ashes now.

PS. On the flip side, it does mean one extra hotel room for a Barmy Army member. Get to it boys.

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